Minneapolis, St. Paul Paid Sick Leave Ordinances Start July 1

A preemption bill veto by Gov. Mark Dayton means the rules can go into effect on Saturday.

Minneapolis, St. Paul Paid Sick Leave Ordinances Start July 1
Workers in Minneapolis and St. Paul are entitled to paid sick time off work starting Saturday.
Nearly identical ordinances passed last year by both city councils require businesses to offer employees one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked starting July 1. Minneapolis’ ordinance allows companies with five or fewer employees to offer the time as unpaid. St. Paul has no such exemption. Employees can accrue up to 48 hours per year and can roll it over to the next year.
Time off can be used for illness or medical care of the worker or family, the closure of daycares or schools and for counseling, legal support or related services in the event of domestic or sexual violence.
The City of Minneapolis calls the ordinance a way “to allow employees to care for themselves and family members, making Minneapolis a healthier, more secure, and more productive community.” Paid sick leave was one of the main goals of the city’s “Working Families Agenda” pushed by Mayor Betsy Hodges.
The state legislature attempted to prevent cities, including Minneapolis and St. Paul, from offering workplace protections and standards such as paid time off and minimum wage. The so-called preemption bill was sent to Gov. Mark Dayton, who vetoed it.
The move to provide paid sick leave extends beyond the metro area. The City of Duluth formed a task force to look into the issue late last year.
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